I just love the colors. [1] [2] & [3] I just love the colors. [1] [2] & [3] I just love the colors. [1] [2] & [3]
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Everytime I close my eyesIt’s like a dark paradise

Lana Del Rey - Dark Paradise

My brother has the brain of a scientist or a philosopher, yet he elects to be a detective. What might we deduce about his heart?

Listend to this song today: "We have to figure it out”. Thought the lyrics where quite fitting. So I gave it ago. 

How dare you? My thought on the crisis the Johnlock fandom just goes through

If you don’t want any spoilers, I am not sure if you wanna read on. I do not look at spoilers myself, but I read some stuff about the things that had bothered the fandom in the last few days. So this might get a bit spoilery but only based on assumptions.

To start with, I am in the Johnlock camp. I have been there right after seeing „A Study in Pink“ for the first time about half a year ago. Of cause I have been around tumblr for longer and there was no way of not seeing certain Sherlock related things on my dashboard, and actually it was tumblr who made me watch the show. 

You can say what you want, and you can ship what ever tickles your fancy, but for me personally the OTP was always John and Sherlock. Not even in a romantic or sexual way at first, but their friendship and their special kind of love for each other has always been a big part of what I love so much about the show. And now, after the recent event, of pictures of suits and weddings and the knowing that it is ACD canon that John marries Marry, I feel a little heart broken. You may think this sounds silly, but in the end it’s what every shipper has gone through, being so involved in a pairing, but needing to face the reality that this pairing will never be canon. I was okay with the state of my feelings, I could accept them, and I told myself that I still don’t really know what is going to happen, till November nobody will know what is going to happen. Also I trust all of the people who are involved in the writing and producing of the show, that they won’t fuck it up. I still know that I will continue to enjoy and love Sherlock, not matter who marries whom. Just like I know that I won’t stop shipping Johnlock just because it’s not canon any longer. 

But then things got even more fucked up, it started with things like “you whining fangirls, just stop, we all knew that Johnlock would never been canon”, “I fucking hate Marry and want her to die right now!” and ended with two tumblr posts that made me think about all of this. I do relate to both of them and I feel they are both right in their own way. ( Have a look if you want to: "I am disappointed in everybody", Or: No, my Expectations were Never that High and It’s time to have another serious talk, Johnlock fandom )

I now could rant about how much I dislike the feeling of John getting married to Marry just like I could tell you how uncomfortable all the Marry-Hate makes me feel, cause it certainly does. I could also go on about how I seriously believed that Johnlock could become real and how I feel a little betrayed if they just ignore all the subtext and stuff and the hints from now on. But I won’t because there is one thing that really got my attention and makes me go furious and angry and sad: How dare you to say that Sherlock Holmes and John Watson being gay are some ridiculous fantasies of teenage fangirls?

Please go on, call me ridiculous, call my hysterical, call me what ever you want but what is so ridiculous about the world’s most genius and only consulting detective to by gay? What is so ridiculous about his brave soldier to be gay? This is the thing that really gets me.

Let’s for one moment pretend one of them would be a woman (well we could just take a look at the american show Elementary, but I don’t want to say anything about it cause I haven’t seen it and I have no clue how they handle the relationship of John and Sherlock). So let’s pretend that one of them is a woman, setting them into just the same context, the same stuff, the whole plot of BBC’s Sherlock. All the hints and subtext of them being a couple, all the remarks from Mrs. Hudson, from Lestrade, from strangers. All the looks they give each other all the their dialogues, their chemistry, just fucking everything. Nobody in the whole wide world would doubt that Sherlock and John are made for each other if one of them was a woman (okay yes, you are still allowed to doubt it, but you get what I mean, don’t you?) It would be the typical kind of TV show romance where everyone knows about their love for each other except of them. And then it is to late, John thinks Sherlock is dead and he is broken and realizes that the only thing he could ever wish for is Sherlock to come back. Every-fucking-one of you would make up stories about how lovely and nice and obvious it is that when they finally will be back together they will become the most fucking glorious couple TV has ever seen, but because they are indeed two man and not a man and a woman, people call it ridiculous and not in any way possible? That just sums up what is wrong with world and the view on heterosexuality in media.

This has nothing to do with fangirl whining and being sad about seeing you favorite ship going down, which is totally what I feel too, but it’s me questioning why people tend to say things like this. Why do people say that is was impossible to make Johnlock true, just because they are gay? How on earth can we praise ourself for being so open and so tolerant and for making gay marriage possible in many countries at the moment but still think it would be ridiculous to see a gay detective couple on TV?

So yes, I am mad and terrible sad about the recent events, and it will break my heart in one way or another if John marries Marry. And just to make that clear again, I in no way hate anyone for anything. Not the writers, not the produces, not team Marry nor Team Sherlock/Molly or you crazy Tunalock fans. Because the one thing, that I always loved about the fandom is, that we are all fucking stranger who got together over the internet just because we all have this one big love for a TV show. But in the end I can’t deny that certain things make me angry not because it’s not my ship or what I would love to see as canon, but because it make me question humanity and our perception of homosexuality.

PS: I just felt the need to say, that I think they would be perfectly fine with just staying how they are, this team of John and Sherlock, not involving any romance or sex, just them and their friendship, being happy in the presence of each other.

First attempt at using my photoshop skills for some Johnlock stuff. 

I made Cupcakes today :)

I made Cupcakes today :)